Talk to any success junkie and they’ll give you the same ol’ story: work hard, blah, blah, blah…then you get offered a D-1 scholarship, girls (or guys) come crawling after you.  You get drafted.  Play in the NBA for millions of dollars.  Buy sick cars with 24” rims.  And live happily ever after in the Caribbean. [...]


Have you seen the new MTV show, Catfish? If you haven’t, I think you should check it out.  It’s a show that will make you think.  It’s about people who meet each other online and then meet for the first time in person.  The term ‘catfish,’ defines a person who creates a fake profile based [...]


I could see the disappointment in his eyes. No one wants to see their vertical jump go down.  Especially more than an inch.  The worst part of all is that it happened in less than 2 weeks. What causes a vertical to drop from 32+” to 30” in a few days? Fatigue. Too much stress, [...]


For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in Maine.  Just like all great basketball stories, right? One of the few advantages that Maine had was a nationally-renowned prep team that went by the letters – MCI.  Incase you’ve never heard of MCI (the school recently cut the program), they dominated the prep [...]


If you’re familiar with the Indiana Jones series, in the Last Crusade, Indi is forced with the decision of choosing the cup that a king would drink out of.  The selection of the right cup, means that he’ll have eternal life.  Fortunately for Indi, he’s chooses ‘wisely.’ Basketball isn’t a matter of life or death, [...]


I’m a lot more like you than you probably think. When I first tried to get into weight training it was a complete disaster.  Somewhere during my middle school years (6th-8th grade) my dad decided that I should probably start working out.  While it was a great idea, and something that I should probably be [...]


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Damin Altizer, of  In this interview he drops knowledge bombs on us about: – What the deciding factor was in him going from a d-3 caliber player to a d-1 caliber player (and what you can do to help you get there)… – Why innovative drills with medicine [...]

strength shoes

“Find me a cardboard box.  I’ll just jump over that.” I was out in my driveway, setting up my first plyometric training program with my dad.  While a slightly sloped driveway isn’t the ideal situation for training your vertical, I, just like everyone who wears their first pair of Jordan’s dreams – wanted to dunk. [...]


What’d you grab during your Black Friday shopping? If you’re like most people, you ate your Thanksgiving dinner (in the US), and then took a quick afternoon nap.  After your nap you packed up your ride and hit the trails looking for the best of the best deals.  So, what’d you grab? A Plasma TV? [...]


There are two types of athletes: the ones who will over-train and do too much training (both on the court and in the weight room), and the ones that don’t want to put in the work to get better and just wish for success. Weak sauce. If you’re the second type, unfortunately I can’t really [...]

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