Become More Explosive! Interview with Dr. Stuart McGill

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I haven’t ever met an athlete who didn’t want to become faster, more explosive, or stronger.*

*Actually I take that back, one time I had an pro athlete I was working with leave me and tell a friend of mine that he left me because he didn’t want to get any faster or stronger.  

CRAZY right?   Let’s just say choosing this may have cost him millions of dollars.

In the game of basketball, now more than every, the pace is incredibly quick and the level of athleticism is at an all-time high.  Because of this basketball is continuing to become more and more competitive.  Kids now train year round with skill coaches, performance coaches/trainers, with many kids looking for every mental and physical edge that they can get.

What that means is that you not only need to work harder than ever before, but nowadays you need to work smarter as well.  Instead of purely logging hours of training/practice you must be smart about your training.  You can’t waste time anymore.

What’s wasting time?

Doing things like:

  • Following a bodybuilding program
  • A 1995 training program your dad did

In this interview with Dr. Stuart McGill, we cover everything about training for basketball….

  • Core strength & jumping
  • On-Court strength – become basketball strong
  • Injury Prevention

The list goes on and on.  I promise you that there is a ton of information in this interview that will change your entire approach to training for basketball.


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