Sean Glaze was kind enough to join me for an interview a while back.  He’s a former high school basketball coach himself and now runs two websites geared towards developing team and leadership skills:, and  If you want to be the go-to guy on your team and a leader who makes things happen you must understand how to be a great leader and team player.  If you think just passing the ball and running the offense is good enough, think again…

During our 15-minute interview Sean talks about:

  • Finding out what 5 key aspects are a MUST if you’re going to succeed as a team
  • What he thinks you can do immediately to make your team and self better
  • Establishing goals to help start your “team” building process
  • Learning how to use “self-talk” to develop iron-clad confidence that you KNOW will help you succeed in any endeavor!
  • Why your brain is like an iPod and what you must put on your “play list”

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